21 January, 2008

An open letter to Blake Frederick

Dear Blake,

I came to watch you in the senate debate today! In case you don't remember me, I'm the one who asked all the candidates to show some personality. I want you to know that I'll accept your invitation to your house tonight. Courting a VFM during the debate: now that's spunky. I expect candles and lots of personality.

I'll probably share with you tonight that most of the candidate's answers really disappointed me, though. I mean, appealing to your friend in the audience "they're asking me to show personality" (I'm looking at you, Ms. Harder) is kind of pathetic - lowers the standards for sorority girls everywhere. And please, telling me that you have personality really doesn't convince me.

That said, Blake, you didn't have the best answer. That honour belongs to Philip Edgecumbe (aka Senator of Rock 'n Roll!), with an honourary mention for Colin Simkus for admitting that he had no personality. Being a debater who is really all about blanket liberal hackery -- right up my alley. (Colin, it was an answer worthy of Matthew Naylor.)

But you've got my vote, Blake [one out of five, at least]. This is because for Senate, I'm really going to vote on looks, brevity, and personality. You've just shown you have the last one, you've always had the first (you can guess my response to the orgy poll question) and no-one in senate really has shown any brevity.

Serious Steve


Eoin said...

Gah! Our journalist integrity! Endorsements! 'Grumbles' Of course the rest of the editorial board doesn't agree with me.

Stephen McCarthy said...

Eoin - this wasn't an endorsement. More of a seduction.

AD Holm said...

When Media and Politicos get in bed together BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE! :P

ps - when you go over to his place, don't forget to bring a towel

Kasha said...

I support media/politico bedsharing...as long as it's "Serious" Steve and this Blake guy.

Sorority Girl said...

I'm sorry but who do you think you are to say anything about Ms. Harder or sorority girls for that matter. She has more personality in her pinky than you do in your entire, unfashionable existence. Just because Eileen HAS friends to appeal to in the audience, doesn't mean you should get jealous and bash her. And guess what, us sorority girls will be voting for her, and our several hundred votes outweigh yours! And from what I saw, you have no right to be judging ANYONE'S personality since it took you about 4 minutes to even get to the point of your stupid, uninteresting questions.

Kate_theGreek said...

Not unlike my fellow Panhellenic member, I disagree with your publication negatively depicting Ms. Eileen Harder. As one who was at the debate, it was entertaining to watch you ask the candidates to show their personality (I believe you suggested a dance component?), however the question, or request, was a waste of time.

At such a debate I would have much rather heard about the candidates platform than been given evidence that they have "personality". As an active member in the Greek community, Ms. Harder has shown more personality and conviction than most UBC students I know. In an earlier debate she was challenged by an audience member who knew that she had not attended a senate meeting in the past because of her involvement in her Sorority. That being said, I believe that that only strengthens the proof of her commitment tho those activities in which she gets involved, and shows her dedication and passion for her chosen organizations.

This commitment, dedication and integrity shows that she would make a great Senator. I do not, however, believe that anyone who would get up and imitate guitar hero, or invite a member of the "media" (I use this term quite loosely in this case) over for an intimate encounter, used their time wisely in describing their personality.

The bottom line is that in asking that question you may have awoken some snoozing audience members, but you absolutely did not gain any insight into the political qualifications of any candidate.

As AMS elections are generally the mother of all popularity contests, I rebuke your further encouragement of folly in a debate setting, and hope that next time you'll come to a debate well-equipped with appropriate questions. This way, you may ridicule candidates using wit and political satire, rather than mockery in the form of public embarrassment.

AD Holm said...
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AD Holm said...

kate_thegreek wrote:
"As an active member in the Greek community, Ms. Harder has shown more personality and conviction than most UBC students I know."

Dear Kate,
As an active member in the Greek community, I'm suprised you know any students with personality or conviction at all.
AD Holm

PS Mocking the greeks aside, I agree. Silly Steve. Be more serious.

Commodore Cuddles said...

S is for sorority, you are a member
A is for ass; up yours is a stick
T is typing in ALL caps
I is for intelligence you so lack
R is Rob Mclean, need I say more?
E is for enemies, now we have many!

Sorority Girl said...

Yes, typing in all caps to emphasize two words is equated with no intelligence, sorry I didn't get the memo. But just for your info, all the Greeks I know are involved in may extra-curricular activities (sports, philanthropy, other clubs, etc.), as well as get good grades and have an active social life. I'm not exactly sure what you consider "intelligence" but last I checked people capable of balancing all those things and succeeding in all areas of their university careers are not only intelligent, but passionate and ambitious as well. My guess is you don't actually know any sorority girls. Oh well, ignorance is bliss right?
As for "stick up my ass" why's that because I don't take kindly to cheap shots at a perfectly qualified candidate, or because I disagree with wasting the audience's time with pointless questions posed only to draw attention to yourself? Either way, next time you have something to say about Greeks, do your research first.

Stephen McCarthy said...

Dear Sorority Girl and Kate_theGreek,

I'll respond seriously to your comments--thanks for taking the time to read what I'm posting out here and responding with what you believe.

I'm glad that Eileen has shown conviction and personality in the Greek community. That wasn't my question. It was to show some, right then, in front of a microphone. In my humble opinion, dancing or making a joke showed more of a personality that I agreed with than being unable to think of anything, and asking her friend in the audience. You are allowed to disagree. Note that I would have said this even if Eileen had not been a sorority member - that was irrelevant.

I'd also like to point out that, at the time I asked my question, I couldn't see any other questions from the audience. I'm generally happy to defer to serious questions because I also believe that analysis of the issues should be the main idea. My question also had a serious side: how well can candidates react to a situation they're not expecting. As a debater, good impromptu response ranks highly on my list of skills to look for in a candidate, and sometimes you need questions like mine to divide the good responders from the poor.

Finally, I realized I should have replaced "I'm looking at you, Ms. Harder" with "come on, Eileen".

Serious Comments Steve

Kate_theGreek said...

Dear Steve,

If you had said "Come on Eileen" I might have laughed. I would, however, say that the right song would have been "Don't walk away, Eileen" because even if she didn't "react to [the] situation [she was] not expecting" in the way in which you desired, she still answered the other questions re-stating and elaborating on her platform, and without dis-endorsing any other candidates. Let's face it...the candidate either has the skill to do the job, or they don't. When I was at that debate there were 3 candidates that were obvious choices, when any of the other candidates opened their mouths I found myself wondering if they had even listened to the question.

Also, this one goes directly to Alex Lougheed: If you think that your fellow students should be buying your CDs and Steel-toed boots, does that mean that they'll chip in for my CDs, extra books I need, but aren't on the syllabus, ball gowns, and my favourite: my tonsillectomy? Did I forget to mention I'm a voice-opera student? Ah...well then I guess my credibility just got shot to hell.

Don't cry about having to buy boots for class. You will be making a far greater salary than many in the long run. You are investing in your future, find something better about which to complain.

Dear ad holm,

I really suggest that you come out to a philanthropic event in the Greek village at some point. I know that those outside the Greek community don't understand it and therefore judge it negatively, but when you're a member of the Greek community you can't explain it. We do a lot of outreach to the Vancouver community, and although it's easy to only remember the bad, you really should make an effort to recognize the good. The Greek Community is a very close community full of personality. "A study by the University of Missouri found that Greeks throughout the US and Canada are more involved on their campuses and rate their overall university experience better. The same study found that Greeks are more involved in their communities; and give more generously to their Alma Mater. Over 85% of the student leaders on [the] 730 campuses [surveyed in the study] are members of Greek-letter organizations."

To "commodore cuddles",

I definitely don't think I have a "stick up [my] ass" at all. I'm just defending a candidate that I know would do a good job. As far as intelligence goes, I do believe that you and I were accepted into the same University. You, I'm assuming, got in based on your High School marks which were likely quite good way back when. I, on the other hand, was accepted as a transfer student from Ontario. A) I don't have residency at UBC, and B) I had to have the grades to make me an acceptable candidate for UBC. C)I also know how to write in full sentences rather than resorting to a quick and easy acrostic poem. I speak 3 languages and am working towards 5 this year.

Would you like to attack my intelligence again? Because I'm really okay with making another rebuttal. Go ahead. Really Mr. Cuddles, I implore you to try.

alumni hack said...

Aaaaaaaaaand that's why nobody takes the Greek community seriously.

"She has more personality in her pinky than you do in your entire, unfashionable existence."

You've clearly never met Steve. Sure he has no personality, but he is definitely fashionable.

Kate_theGreek said...

alumni hack,

I apologize on her behalf. That was neither witty, nor tactful and was not (and should not be) representative of sorority members.

Anonymous said...

I am quite amused at the fact that people are having such a debate here on the advocate.
These writers are providing a necessary spark in this election and the fact that people are seriously offended by their light hearted satire is silly.

If only every candidate or representative of candidates cried on this blog for all the disendorsements and sardonic stabs....

boo hoo hooo

keep it up guys

AD Holm said...

Dear Kate,
Truth of the matter is my dislike for the greeks comes solely from:
A) getting my ass slapped at Frat Parties. Despite being a guy.
B) having been forced to sit with the sorority crowd at this first year rez event, listening to them talk about ridiculously inane things. Eventually, I faked food posioning in order to escape. It was the only way to get away from the intense discussion of teen chick lit.
I'm sure there's more to the greek community. I'd love to accept an invitation to any panhellenic charity events you care to toss my way, as I'm sure the resulting article would be mildly interesting. I can see the headlines now:
Greek Villiage; Not the most boring place on campus?
AD Holm

Kate_theGreek said...

Dear AD,

I will forward you a date, however I do expect you to attend and participate in the activities!


Patrick said...

I dont think you have to worry overly much about Austin attending, I think he'd be more than happy to attend.

AD Holm said...

Because if there's one thing that warms my corroded, fat-clogged heart, it's anything and everything that resembles a boarding house.

Also, I love Charity.