15 October, 2008

voting sucks

The problem we have with democracy today is not that not enough people vote, but that too many do. All of this "get out and vote" crap makes my furry stomach turn. People are stupid. Stupid people vote for stupid candidates. I do not idiots running my government. Solution: get rid of the voter. Yet the whole political system in the Western world is developed to harness the Power of Stupid. Political parties simplify complex issues to one sentence talking points. The media plays along and makes simple issues into complex ones. Canadians don't know if they should vote for a party, vote against another party, or [le gasp!] vote for whomever their favourite local MP is. And yet if a party manages to fuck up royally (lookin' at you GOP!) they are not even held accountable because voters are too stupid to understand cause/effect.

I don't know if we should limit voting rights to military service, college grads, white men, or just get rid of voting all together. We're stuck in the middle right now between a libertarian utopia and a fascist one. We get the crap of both worlds without the benefits either would bring us. I'm tired of it. We live in a society that has strong protections for free speech, yet if you show up to protest you get stuck in a free speech zone. Try to leave that and you get tear gassed. China could never get away with that so why can the US or Canada? I'm tired of the hypocrisy in our system.

And what annoys me the most is that everyone is content enough there will be no revolution.

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02 October, 2008

Bottled Rage!

UBC has been very public about its attempts to curb the use of bottled water, bringing it line with the trend of Vancouverites and growing cultural trends of sustainable and environmentally friendly. It's hip to be green these days. While I applaud the enthusiasm, I can only think that this effort is not only too little too late but is being done in a very bad manner.

While meeting with the UBC Admins in their fancy offices last week, your furry Commodore Cuddles encountered what can only be described as utter incompetence. While my round bushy tail was following my larger, but oh so fluffy behind into the lobby, I asked for some water. I wanted to whet my whistle before the meeting (they had no bourbon) and then to my excitement I was brought water in a cup and told "we want to curb our bottled water use." Then I died a little inside. The cup they brought me was neither recyclable nor compostable! anger raging! How dumb are our UBC Administrators that in trying to be environmentally friendly they do the complete opposite? I can only imagine the meeting where someone "important" mentioned replacing recyclable bottles with non-recyclable cups. Could they have used paper cups? Yes, but they didn't. Instead, they made the idea of continuing the use of bottled water a good idea and someone decided to buy cups instead. Unfortunately, the cups they replaced the bottles with are just as wasteful.

Hell, what's wrong with water fountains? I don't know, but for the last five years UBC has been removing water fountains from buildings and then actively not installing water fountains in any of the new buildings. Search Buchanan and Swing and you'll find nothing that replaces bottled water, unless you go to the washrooms to fill up your Nalgenes. Except the sinks in Swing (where all the Arts kids are forced to live now that Buch B looks like a suicide bomber hit it) seem to be designed to make that impossible. Try it sometime. Me, I prefer to drink at a watering hole, so when I don't want to get my furry nose red, how else am I supposed to drink? At UBC I can do three things: 1) Spend money on bottled water and hate myself; 2) Drink out of the washrooms, or 3) Go meet with some UBC Big Wigs and try not to mention how retarded they are.

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