09 February, 2009

Here begins the Inquisition

Statement of the Inquisitor:

It has been brought before the Inquisition that the following have committed offenses of great Hearsay against the faith:

Edward Lee Durgan charged with six counts general silliness (not knowing when to quit) and one count assault of the honour of the Devil's Advocate

Blake Frederick charged with one count general silliness (not knowing when to quit)

UBC Student Media blog charged with six hundred and sixty-six counts of lacking sense of humour.

Read the verdict of the Inquisition behind the jump.

Statement of the Inquisitor:

Regarding the case of Edward Lee Durgan

"Papa Durgan" submitted six complaints to the Elections Committee. You may read of them at the Radical Beer's blog (the Inquisitor does not suffer Itself to lern HTML - click the sidebar link yourself)

All of his complaints were dismissed by the EA as lacking in substance. At best, they were mildly funny. At worst, they demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of Elections Code. Research: something a PhD student at UBC should understand.

While the Inquisition wants to side with Durgan because we share his rage with the AMS, which will soon face Judgment in the eyes of the Lord, Durgan's lack of tact became apparent when he dared to accuse the Devil's Advocate of being a slate along with the Radical Beer Tribune. VFMs are not candidates. Slate rules do not apply.

For six counts of silliness and one count assault on the honour of the DA, the Inquisition finds Edward Lee Durgan GUILTY.

Blake Frederick submitted a complaint regarding an endorsement message sent out by a Facebook group. For one count Not Understanding Freedom of Speech and one count Not Knowing When To Quit the Inquisition finds Blake GUILTY.

The Inquisition does not know where to start with the UBC Student Media Blog. From their general lack of humour, to their biased coverage, to their shameless attacks on others, to hiding behind their claims of impartiality, to their lack of analysis, to their shameful web design,to their whoring of CookieGate, the Inquisition finds UBC Student Media GUILTY.


Phoebe said...

HEAR! HEAR! On the UBC Student Media Blog verdict. A while back I tweeted, "And can someone PLEASE put a stop to the crap spewing from the UBC Student Media blog? Good grief."

Ashley said...

Omg YES to this whole thing.

Can someone put a cork in Ed Durgan? Seriously. I am SO SICK of him. SO SICK.

Anonymous said...

We require a Durgangate

Anonymous said...

No we don't.


Alex Lougheed said...

The internet has done great things, giving a voice to the masses.

The internet has also done a terrible thing, giving a voice to the masses.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your dumbness made you lose the VFM - you should put yourselves through your 'inquisition' - if it weren't for Durgan, you would have only Lowheed to talk about and get naked with

Anonymous said...

how come the EA is not on notice nor under inquisition? we're all disappointed with you right wingers