04 February, 2009

Your 2009 AMS Executive

Don't blame me. You voted for them (though likely for second place). In case you can't identify the five heads of the hydra, you elected:

VP Finance - Tom "this is what I study" Dvorak
VP External - Tim "I'm small don't hurt me" Chu
VP Administration - Crystal "not Tristan" Hon
VP Academic - Johannes "oral vetting" Rebane
President - Blake "slim margin of error" Frederick

And for Board of Governors, you elected Michael "elect me baby, one more time" Duncan, and Bijan "oops, I got elected again" Ahmadian.

Don't blame us - we disendorsed most of them.

Oh - and congrats. Thanks to you candidates, democracy at UBC was saved from the grasps of Kommander Keg. Thanks to the RBT for our results.


Ashley said...

I'm sorry you didn't get more votes!

Austin, you're great.

I had too many beers at the gallery.


This is the best day of my life.

Anonymous said...


Student Legal Fund Society:
Gordon McCullough
CJ Liu
Emily Griffiths
Sarah Stevenson
Graem Fisher
Aaron Sihota

Voter Funded Media:
$1,800 UBC Spectator
$1,500 Radical Beer Tribune
$1,200 UBC Student Media
$1,100 UBC Insiders
$1,000 The Knoll
$700 Fair Vote UBC
$400 Devil’s Advocate
$300 AMS Gossip Guy

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Papa Durgan! You lost! Fear not Papa for we will be together soon! I long for your furry embrace. The touch of your goatee, the smell of your bald spot, your sweet song luring me to sleep.

Your loving son,


Durgan said...

Dear cc; I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your step-dad, but I'm not into that. We can start with playing catch if you want, and maybe look at some porn.

Seriously tho; congratulations to the DA for placing in the VFM. This shit is really creative, innovative and intelligent. I check it like one of those circus monkeys hooks on cigs. I actually voted for you fuckers too believe it or not. You came a long way since last year when the knoll smoked you in quality of coverage. This year you were clearly superior to the knoll, and second only to the Brazilians in my humble opinion (yes; humiliation is humbling). Your low finish is almost as inexplicable as the spectator finishing at the top. WTF? Seriously. What. The. Fuck.

Also I found out yesterday that the incumbent slfs board is fighting for a revision of liquor licensing laws on campus. Something they have managed to keep secret until now. I don't know how the board interprets the mandate to fit this, but I hope the new slfs board can accomplish more than throwing hundreds of thousands of student dollars away fighting the "war on fun."

If you want to see a real shit-show/clusterfuck/astounding display of voter apathy and pathological candidates you should cover the gss elections.

Fokked said...

That's a shitton of glasses in the new exec.. Should we be trusting the blind leading the blind?